Team USA’S Nautical Style – How to Wear it

Team USA’s Nautical Style

team usa's nautical styleteam usa's nautical style team usa's nautical style team usa's nautical style

Ralph Lauren once again designed team USA‘s Olympic attire and I think it’s time to address nautical summer sophistication.   Maybe it’s the east coast girl in me but I love me a little prep!  I have been wearing sailor stripes all summer long!  I love this look because it’s laid back and casual but the blazer adds the sophistication.

NOW, with that said,  you also do not want to look like a skipper ready to set sail and you do not want to look too matchy-matchy.  If you are going to wear red, white and blue, make sure to anchor your outfit with navy and white and let the red be your pop of color.   Maybe it’s your shoes, belt, bracelet or for the ladies, your lipstick.  Please do not, under any circumstances, wear boat shoes like the one’s pictured above.  They might work for Olympic athletes but chances are they aren’t going to work for you.  Seriously.

What you need to master this summer look is a slim pair of tailored white jeans, a cotton or cotton blend navy blazer, and a striped shirt.  It’s really as easy as that.

I highlighted some of my favorite men’s and women’s items that will help you master Team USA’s Nautical Style below!

Shop this Style // MEN’S

Shop this Style // WOMEN’S

P.S.  PLEASE DON’T EVER, EVER, EVER, WEAR A LOGO THAT HUGE.  Ralph Lauren shamelessly took the opportunity to advertise his brand on the world’s largest runway and you can’t hate him for it but if you try to do this you will look like a tourist, a not so cool one that walks around with a selfie stick.

Cheers to fashion, seeing the world and always having fun!

Miss Zias


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