Mother’s Day always feels like such a pressured holiday for me because my mom is so important to me that it seems pretty much impossible to find a gift that will adequately show my love and appreciation. While it is easy to say you show your love every day, which you should, you still need to get something for your mom (and probably the other women in your life) a little something on Mother’s Day to show them you care. I curated a Mother’s Day Gift Guide and selected some items that I think would be perfect for any mom. Since I myself am on a budget, (aren’t we all), I decided to keep the price range to $100 and under so that there is a gift on my list that everyone can afford.… View Post

Finding lightweight spring jackets is not an easy task. A lightweight jacket that should really be able to be worn all year (at least in Southern California) is a wardrobe essential and something I often find men are lacking from… View Post

Welcome to my Music Festival Wardrobe Guide for Men It’s that time of year again, festival season is upon us!   Last year I went to Coachella for the first time and it was pretty epic.  Our friends Ghostface Killah… View Post

dresses and chokers are a festival inspired trend you don’t want to miss Dresses and chokers are one of my go-to combinations and are PERFECT for some fun festival fashion that can really be worn all spring and summer long.  I… View Post

How beautiful is this floral and lace skirt and shirt?!  Festival season is upon us and that means it’s time to make sure your festival fashion game is up to par.   Shirt: Anna Sui, Skirt: Anna Sui, Shoes: Cèline, Rings: Nashelle, Lip: Red Square I hope everyone had… View Post