Palm Leaf Print Bathing Suits

The Palm Leaf Print is everywhere and I seriously can’t get enough. I choose my coffee spot because I love the palm leaf wallpaper and I have palm leaf prints in my home and now I’m lusting over palm leaf print bathing suits.

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Designer Skincare

I invest in designer skincare. Some people spend their money on designer shoes or designer bags and while I love great shoes and bags, when it comes down to it, if I am going to invest, I’m going to invest in my face. I have more skincare and beauty products that I am proud to admit but there are a few products that I am loyal to and have on constant repeat.

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Floral patches on Denim

Now, I think everyone has gone a little patch crazy since Alessandro Michele’s Gucci became the new designer staple but unlike Gucci, sometimes patchwork can just look cheesy. I wanted something that had a little rock n’ roll feel but that was still sophisticated, cue the flowers.

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