Men’s Bags for Fall 2016- Trends & Styles

Men's Bags fall 2016

Men’s Bags are a new Wardrobe Staple

I personally think we should be celebrating the New Year on September 1st, but hey, I guess I don’t make up the rules.  September represents a time for new beginnings.  With the school year starting, the leaves changing and the weather getting cooler, it gives us that opportunity to take on different goals and layer on new clothes.

Growing up I always loved “back to school” shopping and still, the fall season is my favorite to shop for.  I think the first thing you should be looking for when shopping for a new wardrobe is a bag.  Whether you’re going back to school or need to update your office attire, there’s something that needs to be said for functionality.   You gotta be able to carry all your shit!  There are now more men’s bags than ever before giving you guys tons of options.

Below are some of my favorite men’s bags that will carry you throughout the year!

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The Tote Bag

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The Messenger

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The Briefcase

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The Backpack

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