Colorful in Cuba: Guide to Fusterlandia


havana cuba guide to fusterlandia guide to fusterlandia

Welcome to Fusterlandia

CUBA WAS A DREAM.  I was asked to join Slink Jeans in Cuba for their first international photo shoot and it was one of those, “I’ll believe it when I see it,” sort of experiences. Well, next thing I knew, a flight confirmation landed in my inbox & 3 days later I was flying to Cuba.  Part of the job was exploring the different parts of Havana (and of course, looking cute while doing so).  One of my favorite days was playing in Fusterlandia.

 Fusterlandia is a whimsical neighborhood that spans several blocks and is an ongoing project created by Cuban artist Jose Fuster.  The houses, street signs, and sculptures are all decorated in mosaic tiles.   It’s vibrant and eccentric and the people in the neighborhood were just as playful.  I instantly fell in love with the neighborhood because it was #GOODVIBES on crack.  Everyone had a smile on their face.  The kids were playing in the streets, the fruit vendors gave me free coconuts and everyone was especially chatty.

Fuster’s work reminded me of Gaudi’s art that I saw all over Barcelona years ago and as I walked around the neighborhood I saw signs dedicated to Gaudi- I was right on point!  Gaudi is a Spanish artist whose work includes the famous Sagrada Familia and Parc Guell.  When I was in Barcelona back in 2009 I fell in love with Gaudi’s art; it was so cool to travel to Havana years later and see how his worked influenced another artist across the globe!

cuba guide to fusterlandiafusterlandia

fusterlandiahavana cubacolorful in cuba colorful in cuba colorful in cuba

Tassel Off the Shoulder Top: Willow and Clay, Denim: Slink Jeans,

Shoes: ShoeDazzle, Turban: Vintage, Bracelet: H&M


I saw this Willow and Clay top and had to have it IMMEDIATELY.  I mean, is it not the most perfect and playful spring top?!  I love the citron color (also in chambray), the tassels & since I am obsessed with off the shoulder tops it was a no brainer.  I am wearing a size large.  My jeans are Slink Jeans in a size 10 and they are very comfortable.  I am wearing Shoe Dazzle sandals that I received a million compliments on.  Every Cuban woman wanted them!  I love that they lace up around the ankles and the feminine floral applique by the toes is so pretty and flirty.  They’re so cute!  AND COMFY.  I wore them all over Havana.  My favorite accessory is my turban that was my grandmother’s.  I just know how proud she would be to see her turban styled in a photoshoot in Havana, Cuba!

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