Finding vendors for your wedding is no easy feat. There are countless options to choose from and all the choices can be extremely overwhelming. It took me months to choose my vendors, but I am so happy that I was so picky because I choose some amazing people to work with that I know are going to make our wedding day so special.

The most important decision was finding a wedding photographer. OMG, the struggle was real!!!! There are so many great photographers and also, a lot of not so great ones. Once you filter through all the photos, albums, rates etc. and you narrow it down to a few options I suggest choosing the photographer you would want to spend time with and that will work hardest for you.… View Post

Alterna Anti Frizz Oil Taking care of my hair has always been a struggle.  I have fine, curly hair that I swear does not grow!!!  Okay it does, but so slowly.  Over the past few years I have chopped my… View Post

Choosing a venue is the most important part of planning your wedding.  The venue determines everything!  It determines the vibe of your wedding, how many people you can or cannot have and it even determines what type of dress you… View Post

Retro sunglasses are having a serious moment. I absolutely love the trend and think they are such a fun way to accessorize an outfit. However, I do not think they are worth investing in. I received so many compliments when I started wearing my pink round sunglasses in my insta stories- all of you wanted to know where they were from- so I knew I had to share! I found the seasons 5 must have sunglasses under $20.

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Girl, it’s time. It’s time for me to get in shape. It’s time for me to get healthy. It’s time for me to stop pretending I didn’t eat froyo almost every day last week. I am dedicating this summer, at least what’s left of it to shedding some serious pounds.

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