Antelope Valley Poppy Fields & Ruffled Off the Shoulder Tops

poppy fields

I finally made it to the poppy fields!

poppy fields butterfly crownpoppy fields butterfly crownpoppy fields in southern california

Ruffled Top (Similar Here and Here)| High Waisted ShortsGladiator Sandals|Butterfly Crown

I’ve wanted to visit the poppy fields in Antelope Valley for over two years now!  Two things I love are flowers and adventure so a random trip to see wildflowers seemed like an obvious trip I needed to go on- STAT.

Antelope Valley is about 2 hours outside of Los Angeles and at least 45 minutes of that ride is cruising through grassy, flower-filled winding hills.  Besides getting honked at for going too slow (which is INSANE because I have a very heavy foot and also I was going at least 5 miles over the speed limit), it was the perfect drive.  Fun fact: the poppy is California’s state flower!  The poppies only bloom from March-April depending on the season so make sure to check the reports before you make the trip.

I wore this white ruffled one shoulder top that actually wasn’t ideal for the poppy fields because it was windy AF but it is ideal for spring and summer.  I tucked it into these high-waisted linen shorts that are extremely comfortable.  They are the perfect balance of playful and sophisticated PLUS I love the length.  Long enough to hide some of my thunder thighs but short enough that they don’t look like you borrowed them from your mom, no offense.  ***My mom is actually very chic, I borrow her clothing all the time!

I wore my Latigo gladiator sandals that are extremely comfortable and less than $50.

bom chickah wah wah!

Shall we discuss my freaking adorable butterfly crown?!?!


The butterfly crown was made by my friend Randi Matalas, creator and owner of Viva Delfina.  How pretty is it?!  I think it’s the perfect alternative to the flower crown that lezzzzz be honest has been done too many times.  Move over flower crowns, butterfly crowns are here to play.

I hope you’re inspired to visit some flower fields and shop the look below!

Cheers to fashion, seeing the world and always having fun!

Miss Zias




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