3 Ways I’m Motivating Myself to Get in Shape

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Tennis Skort: Fila, Cropped T-shirt: Fila, Sneakers: Joie

Girl, it’s time.  It’s time for me to get in shape.  It’s time for me to get healthy.  It’s time for me to stop pretending I didn’t eat froyo almost every day last week.  I am dedicating this summer, at least what’s left of it to shedding some serious pounds.

It’s not just about being thinner…

I want to feel healthy.  I want to challenge myself.  I want to prove to myself I can do it.

And, I want to be able to run for miles without hurling over and dying in case bad guys are coming after me.

My wedding is the beginning of September and I am using my wedding date to hold myself accountable.

It’s definitely not easy, but I am going to do it.

3 things that motivate me into getting in shape and working out 

  1.  Working out with friends

I find nothing motivates me more than having someone to workout with.  I love hiking, but I rarely do it alone.  A friend calls to hike?  I’m out the door in 5 minutes.  My schedule is all over the place so I can’t always rely on friends to work out with, but I always do invite people.  I swear I bring a new friend to Gold’s Gym at least once a week, I still don’t know how I get away with this, but I do.  I also decided to join a gym that offers HIIT (high-intensity interval training) classes.  I found that once I started taking the same class, at the same time, I began to know all the people in the class and that held me accountable.  I’m embarrassed to miss a class because everyone knows I wasn’t there and that drives me to be there every day and get my sweat on.  Even though my classmates aren’t “my friends” I feel like we are all in it together and that is very motivating.  Whether it’s joining a new gym with friends, hiking, playing a sport or even taking evening walks around your neighborhood, working out with someone else is the best way to get you moving while having fun at the same time.

     2. Stepping on the scale

Boy, did I avoid stepping on a scale for years.  Honestly, I don’t know what I was thinking.  Actually, I do know.  I thought that even though I could see I gained weight, for some reason, I still thought I weighed the same amount.  HA!  LIES.  Liesssssss.  Stepping on that scale and seeing the number was a serious wake-up call.  I might lie to myself about my weight gain, but the scale, she speaks the truth.

     3. Dressing the part

I shared on insta stories last week that I am guilty of being that girl at the gym in baggy tees, mismatched socks and not so cute yoga pants.  Well, turns out, I wasn’t alone!  A lot of you shared that you felt the same way while working out so I decided it’s time we get cute together.  I never thought about this before but it makes so much sense to me now.  When you go to work and dress to impress, you feel confident, and in return work harder and smarter, at least I do.  So working out should be the same.  Show up.  Dress up.  Work hard.  Now I don’t mean cake on the makeup and do your hair to work out, but I do think if you’re going to start doing yoga, or going to the gym, invest in cute workout clothes that will inspire you to look even better and get even stronger.  I seriously need to step up my workout gear so I started with tennis.  I love playing tennis but I did not look cute while doing so.  I bought a skort and some tees and I even though I can’t play like a pro, I definitely took myself more seriously and tried harder.

Please let me know what motivates you!!!!!

Cheers to fashion, seeing the world and always having fun!

Miss Zias



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