Alterna Anti Frizz Oil Taking care of my hair has always been a struggle.  I have fine, curly hair that I swear does not grow!!!  Okay it does, but so slowly.  Over the past few years I have chopped my… View Post

Choosing a venue is the most important part of planning your wedding.  The venue determines everything!  It determines the vibe of your wedding, how many people you can or cannot have and it even determines what type of dress you… View Post

Two weeks I made a declaration on here that I would be eating healthier and working out more consistently. I shared the three ways I am motivating myself to get in shape and guess what, they’re still working! Although I have been doing better, working out 5x a week and eating well, I had my slip ups.

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Retro sunglasses are having a serious moment. I absolutely love the trend and think they are such a fun way to accessorize an outfit. However, I do not think they are worth investing in. I received so many compliments when I started wearing my pink round sunglasses in my insta stories- all of you wanted to know where they were from- so I knew I had to share! I found the seasons 5 must have sunglasses under $20.

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I might not be a wedding planner or a wedding expert but I’ve now been through the planning process and I have a mom that’s the etiquette queen and gives Martha Stewart a run for her money. So, over the next two months, I am here to share all my wedding details, answer the questions I’ve received and tell you that it’s totally normal if you feel like you’re going to have a nervous breakdown.… View Post